The Meanings Behind My Spotify Playlists

As each year passes, more events happen that have had such significance in my life that  I deem it fit to dedicate a playlist in their memory. From general holiday occasions to very personal affairs, each song in every playlist has been picked specifically in relation to the playlist it is habituated in. Music is … Continue reading The Meanings Behind My Spotify Playlists

Jan. 8 | Rome, Italy

Reluctantly kicking my legs out from underneath my duvet, I hurried to get dressed, the temperature having dropped slightly now that I had climbed out from bedsheets which ten minutes ago, were wrapped around my body like a burrito. Running my hands over each item of clothing, I attempted to pull my t-shirt over my … Continue reading Jan. 8 | Rome, Italy

That 70’s Show: Should You Watch?

A usual nightly routine for me is to wrap the day's events up with a cuppa in bed, settled down with nothing to see but the harsh white light sourced from the screen of my laptop, ready with various shows for me to scroll through and pick to keep myself entertained for the rest of … Continue reading That 70’s Show: Should You Watch?

Sept. 17 | First Semester | First Year

Hugging my mum goodbye, I plopped myself down onto my crisp, new bedsheets and twiddled my thumbs, unsure of my new surroundings and anxious to meet new people. Summer had finally come to an end after three months of relaxation, and move in day had arrived. Having already seen my friends off to their own … Continue reading Sept. 17 | First Semester | First Year

Sep 7. | God’s Own Junkyard

"New & used neon fantasies, salvaged signs, reclaimed neon signs, old movie props and retro displays. Neon art made from found objects, retrieved and renewed waste and lights. Fairground & circus lighting, architectural sign salvage. Led & cold cathode luxury products. Designers & makers of all things with light." Reading the description on the website … Continue reading Sep 7. | God’s Own Junkyard

Jul 6. | Interrailing | Prague, Czechia

Entering Prague after a smooth sailing train journey, we took our time finding our feet and building our energy for the day, grabbing food and not hesitating to begin our souvenir shopping at the stores found within the station. My mind wandered whilst sitting cross-legged on the station floor surrounded by our bags and empty … Continue reading Jul 6. | Interrailing | Prague, Czechia

Jul 4. | Interrailing | Bratislava, Slovakia

As the train came to a slow and screeching halt, I slowly opened my eyes from what felt like a two minute rather than two hour nap. Dropping my suitcase onto the floor of the station , we had finally made it to our second stop on our girls interrailing trip; Bratislava. The effects of … Continue reading Jul 4. | Interrailing | Bratislava, Slovakia