Sept. 17 | First Semester | First Year

Hugging my mum goodbye, I plopped myself down onto my crisp, new bedsheets and twiddled my thumbs, unsure of my new surroundings and anxious to meet new people. Summer had finally come to an end after three months of relaxation, and move in day had arrived. Having already seen my friends off to their own … Continue reading Sept. 17 | First Semester | First Year

Sep 7. | God’s Own Junkyard

"New & used neon fantasies, salvaged signs, reclaimed neon signs, old movie props and retro displays. Neon art made from found objects, retrieved and renewed waste and lights. Fairground & circus lighting, architectural sign salvage. Led & cold cathode luxury products. Designers & makers of all things with light." Reading the description on the website … Continue reading Sep 7. | God’s Own Junkyard

Jul 6. | Interrailing | Prague, Czechia

Entering Prague after a smooth sailing train journey, we took our time finding our feet and building our energy for the day, grabbing food and not hesitating to begin our souvenir shopping at the stores found within the station. My mind wandered whilst sitting cross-legged on the station floor surrounded by our bags and empty … Continue reading Jul 6. | Interrailing | Prague, Czechia

Jul 4. | Interrailing | Bratislava, Slovakia

As the train came to a slow and screeching halt, I slowly opened my eyes from what felt like a two minute rather than two hour nap. Dropping my suitcase onto the floor of the station , we had finally made it to our second stop on our girls interrailing trip; Bratislava. The effects of … Continue reading Jul 4. | Interrailing | Bratislava, Slovakia

Jul 2. | Interrailing | Budapest, Hungary

Interrailing (v). To travel through Europe using an international rail pass, which permits unlimited travel through most European countries via train. Scepticism was the first feeling that sat in my stomach at the thought of riding trains to multiple unknown places without my mum or my dad by my side. It was definite that my … Continue reading Jul 2. | Interrailing | Budapest, Hungary

Jun 19. | Amsterdam

My A Levels finished, I drew a sigh of relief. With school finally over, all I wanted to do was kick back and relax after months of stress and hard work had drawn to a close. From a family of 4 siblings all younger than myself, a holiday abroad full of sunshine and sunbeds is … Continue reading Jun 19. | Amsterdam

Feb 14. | New York Day 3

The last day of New York began having breakfast in Ihop and visiting Brooklyn bridge. I didn't get to walk over the bridge last time I visited so I loved experiencing it first time with my friends. The views from the bridge were insane! It would've been nice to have walked over and explored Brooklyn … Continue reading Feb 14. | New York Day 3